Jellypop Sustainability

The world at your feet

Our commitment

Jellypop is committed in minimizing our environmental impact through innovative materials and technologies. Our 3D manufacturing platform and use of sustainable materials and repurposed synthetics contribute to a cleaner planet.

Making sustainable better

We exclusively work with a manufacturer that is certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS). The thread of out knits are spun from plastic bottles, repurposing and giving single use plastic bottles another life. Our manufacturer provides a special technology to create colors for the knit using a special pigment that does not require on single drop of water, solving one of the biggest issues in the color dying industry.

Recycled Packaging

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail using innovative post-compost materials, our exquisitely designed shoebox embodies both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Functioning as a versatile storage solution, this remarkable creation seamlessly combines utility with elegance, elevating its status from a mere container to a captivating decorative piece that enhances any space it adorns.


One of the greatest waste from the shoe industry is created by the unused scraps from materials. Our memory foam is produced by repurposing the extra scraps back into the production of new sheets of memory foam.

Made with Care

We are committed to creating vegan and cruelty free products.